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Fender International's Bright New Star

At the National Association of Music Manufacturers' trade show in Los Angeles, Seattle virtuoso guitarist, Omar Torrez, was signed to a rare, comprehensive promotional endorsement contract with Fender International.

Considered to be one of the largest drawing artists in the Pacific Northwest, Omar was "discovered" when he picked up the new prototype Guild "Paloma" guitar at the Fender booth at the NAMM and brought the trade show to a halt. Omar was immediately signed by the Fender Chief Operating Officer Bob Heinrich himself.

Fender International has Torrez positioned to go nationwide withcomprehensive across the board marketing support. Calling him "Fender's most exciting rising star", Marketing Vice President Del Breckenfeld is confident Omar will sell a ton of Fender's new Guild "Paloma" classical electric acoustic guitars and Fender Acoustisonic amps. Torrez is also featuring the "Rodriguez" acoustic classical guitar for Fender as well.

This level of endorsement is extremely rare, even for platinum selling bands and has not been seen by Fender since the young Jonny Lang. It is also the first time that the COO of the world's largest guitar manufacturing firm has personally endorsed an artist, mid-performance.

To quote internationally acclaimed music producer, Ashley Ingram, after hearing Torrez for the first time at the Pasadena Summerfest, "Omar may be the best guitar player in the world!"

Torrez currently has one full length album, eclectic in style, ranging from Flamenco to rock, and a new three song CD, featuring his new Modern Latin Groove dance music. He is in preproduction on his second album and is being pursued by record labels on the East and West Coast. Omar is taking his time, wanting to explore and find the very best long-term home.

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