Single of the Day

“Say Goodbye” A review by Jody Whitesides

   Nothing like bouncing back into the world feeling like you’re done being ill. It’s a strong feeling. That was the good part of yesterday until about 5 p.m. when the reality of not having been on a normal food diet for 3 or 4 days suddenly caught up to me. I was able to hold it together and make through two recording sessions. That’s a good thing. But damn do I want to get back to my normal energetic self. Goodbye sick! Go away! That feels good.

   Let’s see what else would be good to say goodbye to. Trash? Yes, I like to say goodbye to trash. Though sometimes I accumulate stuff and it takes a little while before it get tossed, but once it gets tossed, woo hoo. I’d like to say goodbye to people that call and don’t leave messages - but they don’t leave a message so it’s kinda hard. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I bet there’s a lot of people right now having a hard time saying goodbye to Starbucks and their overpriced goods – except for a promotion on a new line of their coffee, which for one day you’ll get for free.

   For those of you that thought STP (Stone Temple Pilots) had said goodbye to fans, you’re probably happy now – they’re baaaaack. It seems marketers haven’t said goodbye to bad ideas. There’s a new energy drink being sold in packages like it was crack. Can someone say stupid?

   With all this goodbye it’s no wonder people write songs with the title “Say Goodbye”. I did on my last album. But here’s a new one by a cat named Omar Torrez. A nice mellow, more R‘n’B type thing. I kinda get an instant feeling of Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven”. I realize there’s a substantial difference, but for some reason that was a song that seemed to pop in my head when I hear Omar’s opening guitar riff.

   I’d like to commend the drumming choices going on here. They really fit the vibe of the track. I really like how the crash cymbals bleed into the track. Nice dark cymbals that provide some good spice. I’ll put the keyboards in on that too. Well rounded and blends well into the scenery of the rhythm track.

   Another scene that comes to mind is that this song would be getting played at an outdoor small venue cut into a gentle hillside. Lots of people would be around with picnics. Sipping wine, some might be dancing barefoot on the grass. Others might be lying on their backs staring into the dusk as the stars are starting to sprinkle into the sky. Hmmm... Nice and relaxing. Don’t ya think? Good, now add it to your library legally.